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Venture Dog Raincoat by RC Pet Products

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RC Pet Products Venture Dog Raincoat 

With this Venture Dog Raincoat, your pooch will be able to adventure the outdoors in style. Whether a summer hike up a mountain peek or a wet winter walk to the local shops, he or she will remain warm and dry as can be!

How hard is this rain coat to put on your pooch? Easy! Thanks to the T-shaped chest panel which is easily adjustable with velcro bits at the neck and stomach areas. The inner lining of the Venture Dog Raincoat is made out of a comfortable lightweight fleece, to keep your pooch warm and cozy inside, while the outside of the rain jacket is made out of a waterproof rip-stop screen to keep him or her dry as a bone.

This gorgeous and practical dog raincoat is made out of quality lightweight fabrics and is available in an array of colors, which include Crimson, Boysenberry, Lime Punch and Electric Blue.

Other cool specs:

  • The dog raincoat has a cool honeycomb pattern displayed on each side, the pattern is actually a reflector to assist with nighttime visibility.
  • There is a a leash compartment built into the collar!
  • Machine washable.

Available Sizes:

The Venture Dog Raincoat is available in sizes 8-30. Wondering how to measure your dog? Use a soft tailor's tape, and measure your's dog's girth around the widest part of his/her chest, and then measure the length from the back of his/her neck to the top of their tail. If your dog happens to fall between 2 sizes, pick the larger size for the most optimal fit. Please see our size chart to pick the best size for your dog.

Sizing Information:

       Size                   Chest                    Length

       Size 08:         14-16" Chest            8" Length

       Size 10:         15-18" Chest           10" Length

       Size 12:         17-21" Chest           12" Length

       Size 14:         20-24" Chest           14" Length

       Size 16:         22-26" Chest           16" Length

       Size 18:         23-28.5" Chest        18" Length

       Size 20:         24-30" Chest           20" Length

       Size 22:         25-31" Chest           22" Length

       Size 24:         26-33" Chest           24" Length

       Size 26:         29-35" Chest           26" Length

       Size 28:         31-38" Chest           28" Length

      Size 30:          23-41" Chest           30" Length