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Vehicle Rear Seat Extender by Kurgo

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Kurgo Vehicle Rear Seat Extender Bridge for Dog Safety & More Space

Make your dog's car ride more roomy and comfortable with the Vehicle Rear Seat Extender. The seat extender creates a flat platform between the back and front seat - removing the gap. Not only does it give your dog more space, it also prevents your dog from falling on the floor!


  • Sturdy Design Supports Your Dog's Weight
  • Reversible With Two Colors to Match Most Vehicle Interiors
  • Easy to Use In All Vehicles
  • Barrier Keeps Your Dog In The Back Seat
  • Passenger Friendly

The Back Seat Extender is made of 600d Polyester with TPE Backing and wooden panels providing maximum support and durability. It is reversible, allowing you to choose what color is visible- khaki or black. If you need space for a passenger, you can fold one side down.

The Rear Seat Extender is easy to install in your vehicle. There is a center partition that fits between the front two seats to create a barrier. This prevents your dog from jumping into the front seats, as well as protects them from flying forward. The partition also adds an extra cup holder.

Item Dimensions & Recommendations:

The Rear Seat Extender is 16"D x 52"W x 1"H. It is recommended for spaces between the front and back seat of 13" or less. The recommended weight limit is 100 pounds.