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Ultimate Trail Dog Boots by Canine Equipment

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Canine Equipment Ultimate Trail Dog Boots

Designed for hikers in mind, the Ultimate Trail Dog Boots keep your dog's paws protected on the roughest terrain and longest walks. These water-resistant, breathable dog boots are designed for all seasons and all terrain. Great for dogs that love to go all over the mountain when you go hiking! 

Key Benefits:

  • Tough & Durable to Protect Paws
  • Cinch Closure Ensures Boots Stay On During Any Activity
  • Serious Tread & Rubber Soles For Excellent Traction on All Terrain
  • Soft & Flexible for Comfort
  • Two Different Sizes for Front and Back Paws For Optimal Fit 

Many dog's paw pads will quickly wear down to raw, red skin. The Ultimate Trail Dog Boots prevent paw injuries by protecting against sharp rocks, branches, thick brush, hot pavement or sand, and ice. No matter what time of year, these dog boots have got your dog's paws covered. 

The Ultimate Trail Dog Boots include 4 boots and a washable garment bag to store the boots, making it easy to take them along on your next trip. 


Available Sizes:

To select a size, measure the width of your dog's front paw at the widest part while standing on a flat, hard surface. It is easiest to have your dog stand on a piece of paper and mark with a pencil to get an accurate measurement. (See image for sizing chart)

  • Small: 2" front paw width
  • Medium: 2.5" front paw width
  • Large: 3" front paw width
  • X-Large: 3.5" front paw width