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Smart Dog Ramp

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Mr. Herzher's Smart Dog Ramp

Does your pet have trouble getting in and out of your vehicle, up steps, or onto the furniture? The Smart Dog Ramp offers a simple solution. It is perfect for senior dogs, for dogs that just underwent surgery and are not allowed to jump, and for pooches that just can't jump high enough. It also works to prevent pet health issues, by reducing stress on joints.  

As we all know, dogs love to jump around and follow us anywhere, no matter how high or low. However, years of jumping up and down can cause hip and joint problems. A great way to alleviate the jumping and jolting of their little bones, is to use the Smart Dog Ramp, especially if your vehicle sits high, such as a truck bed or SUV. 


Key Benefits:

  • Assists Dogs in Getting Into Vehicles or Up Steps Painlessly
  • Prevents Joint Pain in Senior Dogs
  • OSHA-Approved Construction to Provide Secure Footing
  • Stays In Place with Non-Slip Feet at Both Ends
  • Scratch Proof for Your Vehicle
  • Lightweight & Easy to Use Outdoors or Indoors

The Smart Dog Ramp provides your dog with secure footing with tough non-slip rubber grip on the surface. The tough rigid frame gives the ramp the ability to hold the weight of all dog sizes, holding up to 300 pounds. The Regular Size extends to various lengths to meet the needs of each location.

The Smart Dog Ramp is top of the range, without any slipping, sliding, bouncing or swaying, your dog will trust the ramp 100%. This ramp is perfect for trucks, SUVs or any other medium to high locations where different levels can be a problem. The Smart Dog Ramp is easy to setup or move with no assembly required.


Item Dimensions:

It is available in two sizes- Junior or Regular.

Junior Dog Ramp- Dimensions: 40" x 20" x 5" and weighs only 8 pounds.

Regular Dog Ramp- Dimensions: 42 - 70" x 17" x 5" and weighs only 16 pounds.