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Ovation Dog Crate with Up & Away Door by Midwest

$ 67.30 $ 89.99

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Midwest Ovation Dog Crate with Up & Away Door Series

The Midwest Ovation Dog Crate is perfect for dog lovers seeking a wire crate that saves space when open and that can easily be used for traveling. The Ovation crate is excellent for housebreaking your puppy or providing your dog a comfortable area.



  • Ovation Door to Save Space
  • Carrying Handles for Ease in Transporting
  • Free Divider Panel Cuts Housebreaking Puppies in Half
  • Free Plastic Dog Crate Tray For Easy Cleaning

The ovation door is a perfect space saving feature. The door slides up using the comfort grip handle and rests on the top of the crate when open instead of swinging out like other wire crates.

Snap on removable handles makes this crate is a breeze to take with you. The crate is made for fast and easy set up or for use or fold down for travel.

The Ovation Dog Crate includes a divider panel, which is ideal for puppies. If you buy a dog crate that is too large for your puppy, they will typically urinate or poop in one end while they sleep in the other. This problem is avoided with the use of the divider panel in the Ovation crate as your puppy can be contained in a size appropriate area. Not only will use of the divider keep you from cleaning up lots of messes, it also helps your puppy be housebroken faster. Additionally, you can expand your puppy’s area as they grow so you are able to purchase only one crate based on the anticipated size your puppy will be when full grown.


Size Dimensions:
  • Extra Small: 25½"L x 17½"W x 19½"H - For dogs weighing 11-25 lbs
  • Small: 31¼"L x 19¼"W x 21½"H - For dogs weighing 26-40 lbs
  • Medium: 37¼"L x 23"W x 24¾"H - For dogs weighing 41-70 lbs
  • Large: 43¾"L x 28¼"W x 30¼"H - For dogs weighing 71-90 lbs
  • Extra Large: 49¾"L x 30¼"W x 32¼"H - For dogs weighing 91-110 lbs

The Ovation Dog Crate is part of the Midwest Ovation Series. Find out more about the various Midwest Crate Series by clicking here