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Hurtta Trail Pack

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Hurtta Trail Dog Pack

The Hurtta Trail Pack is the most versatile dog pack for hiking, camping, trekking, walking. Use it as a pack or detach the bags to use it as a harness with the leash or a safety harness in your vehicle. Great design is 100% waterproof and protects your dog against rubs and chafing. 


  • Detachable Bags for Versatility & Harness Only Use
  • Easy to Put On and Take Off
  • Comfortable for Dogs Even When Loaded
  • Distributes Weight Evenly 
  • Adjustable Straps for Perfect Fit
  • Handle Along Top for Added Control of Dog When Needed
  • 2 Leash Attachment Points
  • 100% Waterproof Pack Even Around Zippers
  • 3M Reflectors for Visibility & Safety

The Hurtta Trail Pack is designed specifically to be comfortable for your dog even when the backpack is loaded. The pack is designed so that the weight settles optimally on the dog's shoulders. It also follows your dog's body along the back to allow freedom of movement of the shoulders, while remaining in position even when your dog runs. The backpack is designed to stay put even with the most active dogs.

The ergonomic padding on the harness makes it comfortable for a dog to wear, while preventing any rubbing or chafing. In addition, it is adjustable at the neck, chest and waist for a perfect fit.

The pack (bags) can be detached or put back on to the harness easily by fastening them to easy to use drop and lock flat clips. The separate harness is lightweight and breathable. It is easy to put on and take off with quick release buckles. The harness can be used every day by itself or comes in handy when you want to detach the pack at camp but still want a harness on your dog. It can also be used as a safety harness in the car. 

The packs are designed to reduce load shifting. The bags have a large compartment with elastic bands inside to secure items and a smaller side compartment. The packs do not flap as the dog runs. 

**Please note that the carrying capacity of a dog is highly individual with any backpack and depends on the size and strength of the dog, as well as physical fitness. The load must never exceed 20% of the dog's own body weight. As an example, if your dog weighs 50 pounds, do not load the bags with more than 10 pounds combined weight. Be sure to balance the weight of the load evenly between both packs. If your dog has never worn a pack, try it empty at first and slowly build up the weight. **