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Front Seat Pet Travel Barrier

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Bergan Pet Travel Barrier

Road trips without your dog are simply not the same with them, right? Man’s best friend is just as much a part of the family, so why not make your time together a lot easier by using the Pet Travel Barrier. Dogs tend to love being by their owners’ sides, and are often overly excited about that “big” trip outside of the house- so excited that they often overstep their boundaries by jumping into the front seat and sometimes even into the drivers lap! While this seems fun to them, a dog in your lap can be very dangerous —especially with larger dogs. The Front Seat Pet Travel Barrier is specifically designed to prevent dogs from distracting drivers, while still allowing the dog full mobility and freedom.


  • Easy to Install and Remove! 
  • Upper and Lower Vents Assist in Air Circulation 
  • Mesh Fabric Allows Your Dog To See Through To The Front Seat Area
  • Adjusts to Fit Most Vehicle Car Seats

The Pet Travel Barrier sits between the two front seats in the vehicle, and is made of a breathable fabric mesh allowing air flow throughout the car, yet still allowing Fido to see his favorite person in the world, while waiting patiently of course! Seat adjustments are also not a worry for either the driver or passenger. Both are able to adjust their seats easily with the barrier still attached.