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How to Measure Your Dog

How to Measure Your Dog

Cross Peak Products offers a wide selection of sizes for our outdoor clothes, including dog boots, cooling jackets, life preservers, raincoats, vests, and winter coats. A proper fit is especially important for the most comfort and mobility for active dogs. An improper fit can hinder your dog's movement, leave them feeling constricted, and make them uncomfortable. To ensure your new dog clothes fit properly, please take the time to measure your dog correctly.

There are three main measurements you will need: back length, chest girth, and neck (neckline).


To Measure Your Dog:

  1. Have your dog stand straight with head up. A dog lying down or sitting will give incorrect measurements.
  2. Use a flexible tape measure to take the measurements, not a hard straight yard stick or ruler. A seamstress or tailor type tape measure is best. If you do not own a soft measuring tape, use a piece of rope, ribbon or string to mark the measurement on your dog and then align the rope with a yard stick to determine the length or girth.
  3. Measure the back length from the base of the neck at the withers (the ridge between the shoulder blades) to the base of the tail. The withers is the highest part of the shoulder. Do not measure from the collar, as it is worn differently for every dog and will give you an inaccurate measurement.
  4. Measure the chest girth by measuring the circumference of the chest at the thickest point.
  5. Measure the neck girth by measuring the circumference at the base of the neck.

Choose a Coat, Jacket or Vest:

Choose a size based on your dog's back length, chest girth, and neck girth. Determine the correct size to order using the unique sizing dimensions included with each product description. Note that chest girth may be listed as chest and neck girth may be listed as neck or neckline.

You want to ensure that there is enough space around the chest and neck for your dog for maximum mobility. Many of our coats and vests have adjustments that provide a perfect fit. However, some of our snug fitting clothes do not have adjustable straps. In these cases, order a size larger if your dog's chest is slightly bigger than the suggested size for their back length.