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$ 21.17 $ 26.99
$ 21.17 $ 26.99

Bergan Pet Travel Barrier Road trips without your dog are simply not the same with them, right? Man’s best friend is just as much a part of the family, so why not make your time together a lot easier by using the Pet Travel Barrier. Dogs tend to l... Read More

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Vehicle Dog Travel Supplies for Utmost Pet Safety

If you are like us at Cross Peak Products, your dogs are your best friends and you most likely love to take them wherever you go. Most dogs love to ride in cars, trucks, and SUVs! In fact, over 25 million people travel with their pets, many on busy interstates and high traffic roads.

At Cross Peak Products, we know your love and passion for your dog, but also know the importance of keeping your dog safe when traveling. We offer the best travel gear and dog supplies to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable every single time they are in the vehicle. Enjoy traveling with dogs.