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$ 99.99 $ 110
$ 99.99 $ 110

Hurtta Trail Dog Pack The Hurtta Trail Pack is the most versatile dog pack for hiking, camping, trekking, walking. Use it as a pack or detach the bags to use it as a harness with the leash or a safety harness in your vehicle. Great design is 100% ... Read More

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Dog Seat Belts & Safety Harnesses

An important dog supply to have when traveling by car is a dog seat belt. Dog seat belts help restrain your dog safely in the vehicle. A dog car harness will not only keep your pet from climbing on you and distracting you, it will also protect your dog from hitting the hard interior or windshield when the vehicle comes to a sudden stop or a quick turn. Additionally, safety harnesses prevent your dog from flying out of the vehicle during an accident or jumping out of the window at distractions.