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Dog Life Jackets & Safety Vests for Swimming or Boating

Go out swimming, kayaking, or boating with your dog, come back with great summer memories! You want those great memories, not ones of mishaps. The last thing you want to happen is for your dog to fall overboard when boating and go into a panic, getting into too deep waters while swimming and wearing out, or any other potential water safety nightmares. Don't let any mishaps happen... keep your dog safe during all your summer water adventures with a dog life jacket or safety vest.


At Cross Peak Products, we offer a great selection of dog life jackets to keep your pooch safe during all your adventures near water. There is no better way to beat the summer heat than to go play in water. However, regardless of how great a swimmer your dog is, safety should always come first. We offer some of the best dog life jackets available with outstanding buoyancy. In fact, many of the safety vests meet the flotation guidelines of Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices for humans.


The buoyancy of a good life jacket will help keep your dog afloat, allowing you and them to enjoy your water activities longer. A dog life jacket will minimize your dog's fatigue during extended play sessions. A safety vest will allow you to rescue your dog in the event of strong currents, a fall out of the boat, or extreme fatigue. 


Our dog life jackets are available in many styles, colors and features. Most of our life vests sport high-visibility colors, such as bright orange, yellow, pink and red. Bright colors and reflective strips help you to easily see where your dog is at, as well as improves the visibility of your dog to other boaters or jet skiers.  Beneficial features that many life vests include are an easy on & off design and easy-grab handles. If you have ever tried to pick up a dog out of water, you will agree that easy grab lifting handles make getting your dog out of water much easier. They also work great at getting a dog back into a boat. 


We carry life jackets for all sizes and shapes of dogs. We also believe that a life vest should match both you and your furry friend's personalities. That's why we offer stylish and performance safety vests. For extreme performance, we recommend the Hurtta Dog Life Jacket. This life vest provides an excellent fit with maximum mobility in the water, allowing your dog to swim with a natural, unrestricted movement. For a cute and stylish design, we recommend the Nautical Life Jacket with cute nautical icons for a boy and the Pink Polka Dot Designer Life Jacket for a girl. 


We also offer life jackets for dogs that need extra support to keep their heads out of the water, such as the Deluxe Dog Life Jacket with Head Support or the Doggles Life Jacket. These preservers offer an attachable head support flotation device, helping the dog's head and nose stay out of the water. Our dog life jackets are great for all canines that enjoy being in and around the water. 


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