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$ 99.99 $ 110
$ 99.99 $ 110

Hurtta Trail Dog Pack The Hurtta Trail Pack is the most versatile dog pack for hiking, camping, trekking, walking. Use it as a pack or detach the bags to use it as a harness with the leash or a safety harness in your vehicle. Great design is 100% ... Read More

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Dog Harnesses

For many dogs, a harness is a great option over a collar when training, walking, hiking & traveling. Dog harnesses distribute pressure evenly around the chest area when a dog pulls instead of around the neck, which could injure the trachea. A dog harness provides you more leverage and is very useful in training puppies not to pull. Dog harnesses also can double as a safety harness for traveling. There are many styles of harnesses to choose from, including a padded harness for dogs, restraining harness, walking harness, climbing harness for dogs, or a pulling harness.