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$ 29.99
$ 29.99

Hurtta Outback Dog Boots Brand New for 2015 - 2016! The Outback Boots are a great design, made specifically for active dogs that run, hike and play on rough terrain and/or weather conditions. Featuring: Flexible Rubber Soles for Excellent Grip &a... Read More

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Dog Boots, Socks, Booties & Paw Protectors

Dog boots are great for protecting your dog’s paws against the elements. Dog boots can be worn in all conditions from summer to winter, including wet, dry, hot or cold weather. They keep your dog’s paws warm and protected against snow, ice or salt in the winter. Dog boots also protect your dog’s paws from very hot surfaces in the summer, such as at the beach. Weather isn’t the only reason to consider boots for your dog; they’re great for walking or running on rough surfaces as well, such as asphalt, gravel or concrete to prevent tender spots, tears and cuts. Our dog booties and socks can even be worn inside to prevent slipping on floors and to protect your hard wood floors from scratches.


Complete your dog's outerwear for hiking, camping, exercising, running, travel, winter sports and other outdoor activities. At Cross Peak Products you'll find top-rated and top-selling dog clothes that complement your dog boots, socks and dog booties. Keep your dog warm and dry with our dog coats, polar vests and rain jackets for cool weather. Find dog life jackets, dog vests and cooling coats for hot weather.