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Thermoregulating Cooling Dog Bed

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Soothsoft Innovations Canine Thermoregulating Cooling Dog Bed

A must have for hot summer days and warm climates! Keep your dog cool from the summer heat with the Thermoregulating Cooling Dog Bed! Great for relaxing outside on warm days. The cooling dog bed allows your dog to get cooled off after walks or playing in the yard.


  • Constantly Cools Your Dog to Ease Heat Discomfort
  • Durable Exterior Prevents Paw Punctures
  • Cushion Support Provides Comfort
  • Easy to Clean

Active dogs heat up quickly. Using the cooling bed helps to cool down their body temperature, unlike typical dog beds that retain heat, so that they can relax. It works by by filling the cooling bed one time with tap water, which activates an interior membrane to create a foam-like cool cushioned bed. The interior membrane is non-toxic and completely safe for all pets.

The Thermoregulating Cooling Bed is versatile and can be used anywhere you choose- inside, outside, in vehicles when traveling or in crates. Just keep it out of direct sunlight.

Not only does the Thermoregulating Cooling Bed keep your dog cool, it also is easy on their joints and hips as it molds to pressure points. Dogs often will lay on very hard surfaces that are cooler, such as tile, during hot temperatures. The cooling bed gives your dog a comfortable spot to choose instead. The cushion aids in pain relief and discomfort for older dogs or dogs with hip dysplasia, skin conditions, arthritis or post surgery.

Made in USA

Sizes Available:

  • Small: 18" x 24"
  • Medium: 24" x 36"
  • Large: 36" x 48"